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Give up. It’s over.

Laurens gone to Africa for 6 weeks, then she’s back for 2 then she’s gone again

We decided to just be friends til she finishes travelling in January and see where we’re both at

I feel sad, because I miss her already and happy because I would kill to be doing what she’s doing




@antipodeanalice and I at @jarradseng’s opening for Spirits of the Maasai (at State Theatre Centre of Western Australia)

I had a friend who, had made a flag day

blood on their hands from shards of a heartbreak

I have known friends to, crack from love’s weight

blossom in ribcage, until their backs break

Things are going really well for me lately.. :)

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How did I not know this released? 🎧 #tidesofman #instrumental

"New growth cannot exist without first the destruction of the old." — Guru Airbender #me #shaved #babyface #Korra


Gentle reminders.

"Let go your earthly tether. Enter the void. 
Empty and become wind. Empty and become wind."